Airtight Cookie Jar

Airtight Cookie Jar – Vintage-Inspired Nostalgia for Your Kitchen

With its airtight lid, this vintage-inspired cookie jar keeps your favorite cookies fresh for days. Made from high-quality glass, it features a unique design that adds a touch of nostalgia to your countertop. Its large size and wide mouth make it perfect for holding batches of cookies or other treats, and the snug-fitting lid keeps everything fresh.

Give the baker in your life a touch of retro charm that never goes out of style with our Airtight Cookie Jar.


Perfect Size for All Your Favorite Treats

The Airtight Cookie Jar measures 6*8in, providing ample space to store all popular cookie brands, whether homemade or store-bought. With a capacity of over 11 cups, it can hold approximately 32 home-baked cookies – perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth!

Stylish and Decorative

The farmhouse-modern style cookie jar boasts a stylish design that will elevate your home décor. It looks so great on display that there’s no need to hide it inside a cupboard! Plus, its cute and decorative cookie-shaped handle is a practical yet adorable touch.


Airtight Lid Keeps Treats Fresh

Say goodbye to stale treats! The Airtight Cookie Jar comes with a rubber-lined ceramic lid that ensures an airtight seal, keeping your cookies, treats, and snacks moisture-free and delicious for longer. This is the cookie jar you deserve!


Raised Design for Extra Style Points

The Airtight Cookie Jar features a high-quality raised cookie icon and text design that looks great in any vintage kitchen. Plus, its durable construction ensures it’s designed to last.


Packaged Securely for Safe Delivery

We know how frustrating it can be to receive a broken product in the mail. That’s why our cookie jars are designed for online shopping, meaning they are made and packaged to be delivered safely and securely. They are impact-proof and drop-tested, ensuring they arrive intact and ready to look fabulous in your home.


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