ByronStatics Portable Retro Radio

Get ready to travel back in time with a portable retro radio – enjoy crystal-clear sound quality and a touch of nostalgia, wherever you go!

Experience the timeless charm of vintage with this portable radio. Featuring a retro design, this radio is perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to any space. Compact and lightweight, it can easily be taken on the go, so you can enjoy your favorite stations wherever you go. With its easy-to-use tuning dial and powerful speakers, you can enjoy crystal-clear sound quality, and a wide range of stations. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this radio is a must-have for any vintage lover or music enthusiast.


Rotary Volume Control Dial

With a rotary volume control dial, you’ll enjoy a better sense of touch, smoother volume control, and protection for your fingers. Say goodbye to awkward buttons and knobs!


Strong Reception

The radio boasts both an internal AM 520 kHz – 1720 kHz radio coil antenna and an external FM 88 MHz – 108 MHz radio adjustable antenna, ensuring a powerful and uninterrupted listening experience. No more static or weak signals!


Retro Look

With its timeless retro design, the Portable Retro Radio is the perfect complement to any furniture style. Not only is it an AM/FM radio, but it’s also an art piece that adds a nostalgic touch to any room.


Large AM/FM Knob

The radio comes with a large display and an easy-to-read AM/FM knob, making it simple to operate and change stations. No more squinting or struggling to find the right knob!


Two Power Supply Ways

The Portable Retro Radio comes with an AC 120V Adaptor for indoor use (included) and the option to use AA batteries * 4 (not included) for outdoor use, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your favorite radio station anywhere, anytime.


Two Listening Modes

Enjoy your favorite tunes without disturbing others! The radio has two listening modes – use the loudspeaker at home or switch to earphones for privacy.


Large Foldable Handle

The Portable Retro Radio comes with a large foldable handle, making it easy to carry and enjoy your outdoor life. Take it with you on picnics, camping trips, or simply enjoy it in your garden.



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